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"Daniel is my tech advisor regarding critical systems where I have an important role. He is the one I trust for solutions surrounding the whole development cycle such as business requirements, modeling, software engineering, scheme, implementation, tests and deployment."

"His diagnosis is pragmatic and accurate."

"Undoubtedly, one of the most regarded professionals in our region."

- Ari Stopassola Junior
Bel., ZCE (PHP 5.3), ZCPE (PHP 5.5), ZFCA (Zend Framework 2), CSM, e MCP

"Daniel was ACIMA's partner in many opportunities and always presented us the best solution. He still is the person I trust most regarding technical matters. Straightforward about viability and limitations coming development time. The web developer to hire."

- Cleyton Arghiropol, Founder and CEO at ACIMA - Brand Authoring and Management.

Daniel brings a detailed assessment for the situation at hand, generating a better insight and a clear understanding of the requirements being prioritized. I strongly recommend his services and the way he implements it.

- Marcos V. Bohrer, Founder and CEO at AgileHost.

"Daniel Michaelsen is qualified for web development, bearing solid knowledge in PHP and OOP, and also has expertise regarding Laravel."

- Ivan Celso, Founder and CEO at Comersite WEB Solutions.